Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Group Agreement

Group Agreement 

  • Your story is your story, just as other people's stories belong to them. Outside of this group you can choose to share your story with whomever you’d like, however you'd like. But, sharing someone else's story is breaking the confidences we need for the group to function. 
  • As survivors of DVA, we must remember that confidentiality/privacy often equals safety. 
Cell phones, pagers silenced
  • Sometimes we need to be reachable, but when we are in group we should be focused on each other. 
One person talking at a time/no interruptions/no side conversations/no conversation monopolies
  • Please respect the limited time we have together and the needs of others to share their stories..
Arrive on time, stay entire time, end on time
  • If you can only be with in the group for part of the meeting, please let a group leader know ahead of time.
Group members strive to be non-judgmental and accepting of others
  • The main purpose of this group is to be supportive. To do that we need to be honest with one another, but never judgmental. This includes time outside of the group – NEVER discuss your opinions of other group members with anyone. 
Discussion in the first person – use “I”
  • As DVA survivors, we have all experienced “discussions” that began with “you” and the effects that had on us 
No physical or verbal violence
  • This one is self-explanatory.
Group members not allowed to attend if under influence of non-prescribed drugs or alcohol
  • Come to meetings sober. Meetings are meant to help us deal with the feelings drugs and alcohol cover up.
I have read and agree to follow the above. I understand that breaking this agreement, in any way, gives cause to the group moderators to remove me from the group FB page and to deny me entry to meetings.

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